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John Vetter & Sons Inc currently has three state licensed Home Inspectors trained to perform all of our services. We have over 60 years of construction experience and have performed over 7,000 Home Inspection, over 4,000 Windstorm Mitigations and hundreds of 4 Point inspections. We send out the report the same night as the inspection. Let our family help your family with a easy to understand report.

Home Inspections

Home inspections are a comprehensive inspection of the house. Prior to starting we ask our client if they have any particular concerns. We look at over 600 items. We start on the roof (walking it if possible), check the exterior siding, fascia, overhang, doors, windows, vegetation, driveway and lot. We then go into the attic accessing the safe area, looking for insulation, any damage to the roof sheathing, exposed wires, damaged ac ducts and the truss system. Next is the garage. We check the overhead door operator, the electric panel, the air handler and plenum, the walls, floor, ceiling doors and windows. Going inside of the house we test every outlet, switch and fixture. We check every plumbing fixture, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, water stops and drain pipes. We check the ac TD (temperature difference or sometimes called split). We check all cabinets and vanities. We run all appliances. As we are going through the house we are looking at all walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors. We take pictures of all deficiencies to be put in the report. We then enter our findings in our report and send it to our client that night.

Windstorm Mitigation Report

A report developed by the insurance company to determine what discounts will be available on your homeowner’s policy. Basically it is to identify the components on the house that can mitigate damage from windstorm and hurricanes. It is good for 5 years. The items checked are the type of roof covering and when it was installed and was there a permit. How the roof sheathing is attached to the trusses, what type fastener was used and what is the spacing. How the trusses or roof rafters are attached to the wall, toe-nails, hurricane clips or straps. What type of roof, hip, gable end or flat. Check all of the openings, glazed and non-glazed to see if there is approved opening protection that has an engineer’s seal on them. Pictures are taken and entered in the report and the finding noted on the report. Wind Mits do not pass or fail. The reports are sent out the same night.

4 Point Reports

A report developed by the insurance companies to determine if they will bind insurance for your house. It is usually for houses over 20 years old. Four points are checked. The roof what material was used, the condition and was it permitted. The AC & heating, how old and how well it works. All of the plumbing system, looking for leaks and the condition of the water heater. The electric system and electric panel, mainly which brand. All of the outlets and switches. The findings along with a lot of info pictures and deficiencies are recorded in the report. The insurance company will review the report and determine if they will write a policy on the house.

Reactive Drywall (Chinese) Inspection

There are many potential health problems by having Chinese-made drywall in your home and affecting your overall indoor air quality. A visual inspection looking for reactive drywall evidence throughout the house. Metals are checked for oxidation and drywall labels are checked. Protect you and your family from ingesting toxins associated with this type of drywall. 

Pool Inspections

Getting a pool with your new home is exciting but could also become a huge hassle. Fortunatly our pool inspection services will help you determine if it will be a perk or an expensive drawback. The pool is inspected for operation, equipment, leaks, finish, decks, safety, lights. We also use a water soluble dye to test for leaks.

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